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At the McCarthy Law Office we are committed to bringing solutions to our clients and their debtors.

The majority of all cases placed with our Law Firm can be resolved without the need of any court action.

This requires a mutual desire to find amicable solutions that benefit all parties.

We provide you with multiple tools which will aid you in assisting us to bring your situation to a final conclusion.

We offer several payment alternatives as well as the ability to review your file, and communicate with our office regarding any disputes or concerns.

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Ready to pay by check?  Click Check to make payment.  Checks are FREE and should be used over a debit card that requires a fee.


If you have a dispute to be addressed, we are more than happy to review such dispute.   Click on Dispute, fill out the form which will be submitted to our Legal Review Department.  We take all disputes very seriously and will attempt fair and legal mitigation.